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Changing AlwaysOn Owner User in SQL Server

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SQL Server Security

When AlwaysOn is configured on SQL Server, the user account which does the configuration (generally DBA’s user accounts) is assigned as owner of endpoint. Therefore, user account can not be dropped from SQL Server logins. When it is tried to drop user error like below occurs. Error:Msg 15173, Level 16,… Read more »

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Data Import or Update Operations on tables with constraints

If table has constraints, SQL’s data import wizard will throw error while importing data from another table or from test database to prod database. In these cases, it is possible to disable constraints for particular tables. List of constraints can be queried with the script given below. SELECT OBJECT_NAME(constraint_object_id) ‘Constraint… Read more »

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HPE SSD Disk – Critical Firmware Alert

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Last week HPE published a bullettin. HPE SSD disks running prior to HPD8 firmware may have failure after 32.768 hours (3 years, 270 days, 8 hours), so you can lost your data on these disks. Therefore HPE recommends apply HPD8 firmware to these disks which are listed in bullettin. You… Read more »

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Apache Tomcat SSL Certificate Import

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In order to import a certificate to Tomcat it is not obligatory to create csr file from the same server. The csr can even be generated via IIS. Only prerequisite is to import certificate to same server that csr is generated from. After having imported certificate, an export is generated… Read more »

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vCenter Appliance Management – WebSite Login Issue

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Scenario: You can not login to VMware vCenter Server Appliance via Web interface (https://vCenterServer:5480) with root account, but you can login via CLI with SSH. Solution: In this statement, check the VMware vCenter server by accessing the appliance via SSH and then going to Shell. You have to check the… Read more »

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Remove Server Information, .Net and MVC Information From Response Header


In order to prevent information leak findings such as identified server and .NET version in the response of the web server like below, there are some actions to be taken. Especially while hosting an application in Azure as a webapp, owners are unable to configure settings in IIS level and… Read more »

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Software Defined Storage – VMware VSAN

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Recently software defined storage is a part of software defined data center concept which we hear so much more. Storage is a pillar in our data center. While naming software define storage concept “the simplified structure of traditional storage systems” becuase of it provides easy installation/usage/management platform. As you know,… Read more »

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Before upgrade any packages on SAP ABAP systems, SAP advises to upgrade SPAM/SAINT to the latest version. For upgrade those tools, you can follows steps below. Login client 000 Check package name from Import SPAM/SAINT Update Get package name like “SAPKD740” and check SAP Market for download. Download lasted package… Read more »

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Logon failed for login due to trigger execution


If there is an damaged logon trigger on your Microsoft SQL Server, all login attempts will fail. Cannot connect to servername ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Logon failed for login ‘DOMAIN\USERNAME’ due to trigger execution. Changed database context to ‘master’. Changed language setting to us_english. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 17892) We need to… Read more »

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STMS connection error after enable SSL Force on HANA

STMS needs additional configuration for connect HANA database via SSL channel. With default configuration, error will be like: “SQLERRTEXT : only secure connections are allowed” R3Trans does not use parameters from SAP profile files. Need to implement encryption options into sidadm’s global environment variables. For SUSE 12: Edit .profile file… Read more »

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VMware VSAN APD Issue – HPE Smart Array Controller Firmware and Driver

Expected VSAN certified driver and firmware for HPE P416ie-m ve P204i-c smart array controller are published. Links are below. You may say ” this is normal situation, any vendor regularly publish a new driver and firmware version”. You are right. But newly published these versions are very important if you… Read more »

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The availability group databases are changing roles from “PRIMARY” to “RESOLVING” during VMWare Snapshot


After activating Availability Groups, Windows Cluster Failover Service might fail during the snapshot period of VM backup. While Veeam backup is being taken, snapshot holds server and SQL AlwaysOn listener may act like it lost its secondary replica and error messages like below can be received. With the instant effect… Read more »

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No available certificates on SQL Server Configuration Manager

SQL Server Security

For activate encrypted connection between Clients and Microsoft SQL Server, configuration must done from Configuration Manager. But, even SSL certificate imported on operating system, list of certificates can be empty. This will be happen, when a non-administrator service account assigned for SQL Server service on operating system. For see certificates… Read more »

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HPE SPP Bundle – May 2019

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Recently published HPE SPP bundle is including a lot firmware/driver packages for Gen9 and Gen10 servers. Especially this SPP should be care of ITI colleagues who administrating server environment. Becuase of it is carrying out critical BIOS/SmartArrayController/NIC firmwares. I deployed it immediately to my DEV/QA/TEST physical hosts to prevent unexpected… Read more »

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VMware Skyline – Root Password Reset

Root account is used to manage VMware Skyline Appliance via web browser. If you forgot this password, application work without any access issue, because of admin account is used to reach the application not the root. VMware have published a KB, but neverthless I want to detail it with pictures…. Read more »

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vCenter 6.7 U2 – vCenter File Backup with SMB

SMB protocol support for file based vCenter backup comes with vCenter 6.7 U2 package. It is good to hear that! Because of scheduling/creating a backup job was not easy in older versions, you have to be carefull for wording, typo. So it was so sensitive while typing protocol line in… Read more »

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VSAN Witness Host – Update Manager Scan Issue

This post was republished to Tolga ASIK at 22:57:26 16.04.2019 VSAN Witness Host – Update Manager Scan Issue I do not know if you experienced this issue like me but I have been experiencing a Update Manager Scan issue on VSAN Witness host, it can not pass scan step. VSAN… Read more »

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Coming Soon…

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Welcome to our blog! You will find helpful a lot of information regarding IT Infrastructure design and operations in our posts. We as two colleagues are developing and preparing this website for now. Our plan is to start publishing post immediately because we are so exciting to share our knowledge… Read more »