VMware Skyline – Root Password Reset

Root account is used to manage VMware Skyline Appliance via web browser. If you forgot this password, application work without any access issue, because of admin account is used to reach the application not the root.

VMware have published a KB, but neverthless I want to detail it with pictures.

The following picture summarizes the issue.

Login:     https://vmware_skyline_server:5480

Username: root

Password: it was forgotten!


  • Shut down the virtual appliance
  • Connect vSphere Web client and power on the VM with VM Remote Console. You have to hurry up, Skyline appliance is a small and well-optimized machine so it is opening itself immediately.

  • After click Power On, when you see above graphical screen, immediately press “e” button on the keyboard to go to boot screen.

  • Add the following command at the end of second command sentence and press F10 or Ctrl + X
  • This command will help you to start shell as writable.

        rw init=/bin/bash


  • You will be reaching Shell, run “passwd” command to change the root password.
  • Then run “rebot –f” command, the server will be rebooted.

  • You can login Applianca Management web page with root account

VMware KB 52652

Note: Please do not try to use SSH (Putty) connection for Skyline appliance, it is default closed.

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