VM – vMotion Issue

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You are getting the error as stated above when you want to move VM where runs on vSphere 6.7 U3 ESXi host in the same cluster or inter-clusters.

Virtual machine is configured to use a device that prevents the operation: Device ‘HD audio ‘ has a backing type that is not supported. “This is a general limitation of the virtual machine’s compatibility with the ESXi version of the selected host.”

At the same time you can experience the similiar issue when the host was placing into maintenance mode in DRS enabled cluster. Because the host can not move the VMs onto other hosts in the cluster. The maintenance task will be failed.


The device added in VM are not supported by ESXi hosts after virtual hardware version upgraded to 15 and ESXi host to 6.7 U3. In my case it was “HD Audio device”


We have to uninstall the unsupported device. But we can not see it on vSphere Client (HTML), we have to use vSphere Web Client (Flex) that is flash version.

  • Go to vSphere Web Client (Flex)
  • Logon to vCenter and find the VM
  • Power off the VM
  • Select VM and go to “Edit Settings” on VM.

  • Remove “HD Audio” device and click OK
  • Power on the VM

That’s all.

Used Version :

Virtual machine hardware version : 15

Vmware Tools: 10346

Hypervisor: vSphere ESXi 6.7 U3

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