HPE SPP Bundle – May 2019

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Recently published HPE SPP bundle is including a lot firmware/driver packages for Gen9 and Gen10 servers. Especially this SPP should be care of ITI colleagues who administrating server environment. Becuase of it is carrying out critical BIOS/SmartArrayController/NIC firmwares. I deployed it immediately to my DEV/QA/TEST physical hosts to prevent unexpected server failure cases.

If you run VMware vSAN on HPE Synergy, Smart Array Controller firmware and driver update is so critical for you. You have examine HPE advisory carefully. By the way, VMware is not certified this firmware for now.

My recommendation is to take look at least, before not to hit a bug, maybe you have some risks with running versions in your HPE server environment.


Critical issues:

 Smart Array Controller — Link

BIOS — Link

NIC — Link

 Note: HPE Synergy SPP is published in different repository. Its is link.

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