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Data Import or Update Operations on tables with constraints

If table has constraints, SQL’s data import wizard will throw error while importing data from another table or from test database to prod database. In these cases, it is possible to disable constraints for particular tables. List of constraints can be queried with the script given below. SELECT OBJECT_NAME(constraint_object_id) ‘Constraint… Read more »

HPE SSD Disk – Critical Firmware Alert

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Last week HPE published a bullettin. HPE SSD disks running prior to HPD8 firmware may have failure after 32.768 hours (3 years, 270 days, 8 hours), so you can lost your data on these disks. Therefore HPE recommends apply HPD8 firmware to these disks which are listed in bullettin. You… Read more »

Apache Tomcat SSL Certificate Import

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In order to import a certificate to Tomcat it is not obligatory to create csr file from the same server. The csr can even be generated via IIS. Only prerequisite is to import certificate to same server that csr is generated from. After having imported certificate, an export is generated… Read more »

vCenter Appliance Management – WebSite Login Issue

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Scenario: You can not login to VMware vCenter Server Appliance via Web interface (https://vCenterServer:5480) with root account, but you can login via CLI with SSH. Solution: In this statement, check the VMware vCenter server by accessing the appliance via SSH and then going to Shell. You have to check the… Read more »

Remove Server Information, .Net and MVC Information From Response Header


In order to prevent information leak findings such as identified server and .NET version in the response of the web server like below, there are some actions to be taken. Especially while hosting an application in Azure as a webapp, owners are unable to configure settings in IIS level and… Read more »

Software Defined Storage – VMware VSAN

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Recently software defined storage is a part of software defined data center concept which we hear so much more. Storage is a pillar in our data center. While naming software define storage concept “the simplified structure of traditional storage systems” becuase of it provides easy installation/usage/management platform. As you know,… Read more »